Barrel U-Cart Rental

Barrel U-Cart mixing trailers are perfect for DIY individuals or contractors who need 1 to 3 cubic yards of continuous mix concrete. Make it less hassle, turn to Classic Ready-Mix’s Barrel U-Cart rental.

VIDEO: Why Rent a Barrel U-Cart?

Not sure about renting a Barrel U-Cart? In this video, Jeff explains the benefits of using Classic Ready-mix’s barrel u-carts, what types of pours they work best at and how a barrel u-cart is a stress free way to concrete.

VIDEO: Barrel U-Cart Tutorial 

Before renting, watch this video to learn how to operate a Barrel U-cart rented from Classic Ready-Mix in Nampa, Idaho. If you still have questions after the video, Jeff will be available to make sure you are confident before driving it off the lot.

Easy Mixing,

Easy Hauling,

Easy Pouring



Whether you are a seasoned contracting professional or a weekend warrior doing it yourself, a Barrel U-Cart mixing trailer is the ideal solution when you need up to 3 cubic yards of continuous mix concrete.

These tow behind carts combine the benefits of easy mixing, easy hauling, and easy pouring in a self-powered, self-contained mixing system.

Barrel U-carts offer smooth towing with tandem axle design, load leveler, four wheel surge brakes, a long tongue for easy maneuvering and a rear control panel makes tilting and dumping fast and easy. 

We have both 1 yard and 3 yard heavy duty drums that will carry dry or pre-mixed material. 


How do they compare?

Don’t break your back or risk your concrete pour by mixing it in a rusty old wheel barrel or inferior paddle mixer; Classic Ready-Mix’s Barrel U-Carts are a superior method for transporting your ready-mix concrete, keeping it protected from the elements, and ensuring your mix is consistent when it is time to pour.

You might see other “U-carts” out there, but Classic Ready-Mix only rents the fully encased drum style Barrel U-Cart. Paddle mixer u-carts offered by other concrete suppliers are limited by their inferior paddle mixing method; the small paddles agitated  the mix but fail to keep it thoroughly mixed, resulting in separation, rocks settling, and a sub-par pouring experience. 

As experienced concrete finishers, we only offer up the right tools to give you the best experience possible.

    A Trailer of Classic Ready-Mix's Barrel U-Cart Concrete Mixer

    Barrel U-Cart Rental Info:

    • Two Hour Rental Period
    • 1/4 up to 3 Yard Ready-mix capacity 
    • 1 Yard Barrel U-Carts require a ¾ ton truck with a 2” ball receiver hitch.
    • 3 Yard Barrel U-Carts require a 1 ton truck with a 2” ball receiver hitch.
    • We offer truck rentals if your truck doesn’t fit the requirement.

    Classic Ready-Mix Barrel U-Cart Concrete Ready-Mix Mixer with Hookup

    Quantity Calculator

    To estimate the amount of ready-mix you need for your project, it is a simple math equation: Length x Width x Depth  

    The only tricky part is converting your different measurements (inches & feet) into yards. For your convenience, we have provided this simple concrete calculator to estimate the quantity of ready-mix you will need. 

    Enter your dimensions

    Man Evaluating the Concrete Mix of a Wall

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