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With over 20 years experience pouring concrete, we know that the right tools can make or break a project. Classic Ready-Mix offers equipment rentals and other useful services for every concrete project there is.

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Equipment Rentals

We provide rentals of trailers, buggies, and other concrete equipment so you can get the job done. We know that regardless of whether you are doing this full time, or doing it on the side, the right concrete equipment can make a huge difference in your success. The following list is a sampling of the types of equipment you might need during the Excavation & Demolition, Ground prep, Forming, or Placing (Pouring) stages. Please call for availability, pricing, or to ask about anything you don’t see here.

and more…Everything you need to get the job done.

Man Mixing Concrete
Men Working on a Concrete Project
Man Using a Backhoe to Dig Dirt for a Concrete Project
Man Levelling the Concrete Mix on the Ground of a Property at Boise, Idaho


We specialize in ready-mix pickup or delivery for small 1/4 yard jobs to large 20+ yard projects. We also stock additional concrete products that will help get you back to your project. Please call beforehand to check the availability of the products.
  • Ready-mix
  • Road Mix
  • Color Additives
  • Rebar
  • Wire mesh
  • and more
Classic Ready-Mix's Concrete Trucks for Concrete Delivery in Nampa, Idaho
Classic Ready-Mix's Road Mix for Concrete in Nampa, Idaho

Consultations & Site Evaluations

Whether you are a home owner unsure about how to do-it-yourself or a contractor who may have bit of more than you can chew, we are here to help. We offer site evaluation and plan reviews starting at $50. Let our experienced experts help you plan your project and ensure you have what it takes to get it done.

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Vibra Screed

Vibra Screed Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix

Aluminum Screed

Aluminum Screed Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix

Knee Boards

Knee Boards Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix


Compactor Equipment Rental on Classic Ready-Mix

Concrete Buggy

Concrete Buggy Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix

Lazer Level

Lazer Level Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix


Wheelbarrow Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix

Stinger Vibrater

Stinger Vibrater Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix

Hot Saw

Equipment Rental of Classic Ready-Mix's Hot Saw
Hot Saw Equipment Rental by Classic Ready-Mix


Rental Truck for Barrel U-Cart Concrete Mixing Trailer Delivery

Water Trailer

Water Trailer Equipment Rental on Classic Ready-Mix

Featured Customer Projects

Garage Concrete Pad Work in Progress

Garage Foundations

Spring pour for foundation walls and garage pad.

Large Steps on a Property made with Concrete Mix by Classic Ready-Mix

Cabin Steps

Deep long steps with decorative posts for a beautiful cabin.

Classic Ready-Mix Long Fence Posts Project

Fence Posts for Miles

The right equipment makes even the biggest job better.