Ready-Mix Concrete

We’ve got you covered, whether you need us to deliver your ready-mix concrete to your job site or you want to rent one of our barrel u-carts and transport it yourself.

Quantity, Strength & Delivery

When ordering our ready-mix concrete, you have three main considerations: Quantity, Strength, & Delivery method. 

QUANTITY: How much concrete do you need? Concrete is measured by the yard, but we’ve provided a simple calculator below so the only thing you need to know is the length, width, and depth of the site you are pouring. STRENGTH: How strong does your concrete need to be? Ready-mix is used for a variety of things, from flag poles and fence posts to hot tub pads or RV parking. Concrete strength is indicated by number of bags, (which has nothing to do with quantity). Click here or scroll down the page to learn more about this rating system and to ensure you get the right strength for your project. DELIVERY METHOD: How is the ready-mix going to get from our concrete batch plant to your home or job site? We offer two options, you can rent one of our tow behind Barrel U-Carts or have us deliver it. Below you can read about each option.

Barrel U-Carts

Classic Ready-Mix’s Barrel U-Carts are a superior method for transporting your ready-mix, keeping it protected from the elements, and ensuring your mix is consistent when it is time to pour.

The less desirable alternative to a Barrel U-Cart is the Paddle mixer. Though these are also referred to as “U-carts”, do not confuse the two. Classic Ready-mix does not offer paddle mixers because of their limitations. The drawbacks of the paddles make them an inferior choice; small paddles agitated  the mix but fail to keep it thoroughly mixed, resulting in separation, rocks settling, and a sub-par pouring experience. 

As experienced concrete finishers, we only offer up the right tools to give you the best experience possible.

    A Trailer of Classic Ready-Mix's Barrel U-Cart Concrete Mixer

    Barrel U-Cart Rental Info:

    • Two Hour Rental Period
    • 1/4 up to 3 Yard Ready-mix capacity 
    • 1 Yard Barrel U-Carts require a ¾ ton truck with a 2” ball receiver hitch.
    • 3 Yard Barrel U-Carts require a 1 ton truck with a 2” ball receiver hitch.
    • We offer truck rentals if your truck doesn’t fit the requirement.

    Classic Ready-Mix Barrel U-Cart Concrete Ready-Mix Mixer with Hookup

    Concrete Truck Delivery

    For larger jobs, we offer delivery by a professional driver in one of our concrete trucks. Each truck can hold up to 10 yards and are equipped with 4 chutes that can reach up to 20′ from the back of the truck.

    Any deliveries under 5 yards will include a “small load fee”.

      Classic Ready-Mix's Concrete Truck with Chute

      Scheduling Delivery

      Advanced notice is best but even on short notice, give us a call, we might be able to get a delivery out to your job site.

      When you phone to schedule your delivery, we will need the following information:

      • What is the address for the delivery?
      • What time and day do you need it delivered?
      • What concrete strength do you need? (see below)
      • How much ready-mix do you need? (see below)

      Classic Ready-Mix's Concrete Truck Installed with Chute Pouring Concrete Mix at Caldwell, Idaho

      Concrete Strength

       CONCRETE STRENGTH, PSI, OR BAGS: The strength of your ready-mix is measured by PSI but is indicated or referred to in the industry as ‘Bags’.

      When you order, quantity is measured in yards but the number of bags (4-Bag Mix, 7-Bag Mix) indicates the compression strength of the concrete (PSI). In the early days of concrete, the number of ‘bags’ referred to the number of bags of Portland cement added to the batch. Though today we use different additives and more sophisticated mix designs, the simplified way of referring to PSI strength has held over. 

      We custom mix your batch for your specific application. Here is a breakdown of the different mixes and what they are best suited for:

      • 4-Bag Mix: Non-weight-bearing – Light Duty, fence posts, flag poles, fire pits, etc
      • 5-Bag Mix: Upto 3,000 PSI weight rating – Man door pads, patios, small shed pads
      • 6-Bag Mix: Upto 4,000 PSI weight rating – Sidewalks
      • 7-Bag Mix: Upto 4,500 PSI weight rating – Hot Tubs, Driveways (Can hold the weight of a car)

      Weight ratings are approximations based on industry standards and are not guaranteed.

      Ongoing Work for a Garage Concrete Pad

      Quantity Calculator

      To estimate the amount of ready-mix you need for your project, it is a simple math equation: Length x Width x Depth  

      The only tricky part is converting your different measurements (inches & feet) into yards. For your convenience, we have provided this simple concrete calculator to estimate the quantity of ready-mix you will need. 

      Enter your dimensions

      Man Evaluating the Concrete Mix of a Wall

      Concrete Pricing

      Use the chart to determine ready-mix pricing.  Phone with questions or to get up-to-date quotes.

      U-Cart Concrete Product Output of Classic Ready-Mix

      Equipment Rental

      We have rental equipment and tools to help you at every stage of the process: 

      • Excavation & Demolition
      • Ground Prep
      • Forming
      • Placing (Pouring)
      • Finishing

      Give us a call to talk through your needs and see if we have the tool you need for your project.

      Man Levelling the Ready Mix Concrete on the Steps of a Property at Caldwell, Idaho

      Call For a Quote:

      (208) 841-7033

      Ready-Mix Concrete Scheduling

      We value your time and needs!

      To ensure a smooth sailing process, contact us ahead of time to reserve a schedule.

      Ready-Mix Concrete Product for Construction Projects in Nampa, Idaho

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      Gray Colored Barrel U-Cart Concrete Trailer of Classic Ready-Mix

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      Men Working on a Concrete Project

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      Classic Ready-Mix's Concrete Truck with Chute


      If you don’t want to do the work yourself, our sister company Classic Concrete can do all the prep-work, pouring, and finishing for you.