Concrete slabs can vary from small to very large projects. Concrete contractors and DIY warriors work on large concrete slabs such as patios, driveways, and pool decks among many others. One problem that arises from working on large projects is that it’s difficult or actually impossible to hand trowel hard to reach areas. As a result, this delays your work from finishing and might even affect the condition of the concrete slab. To alleviate that problem, use a pair of concrete knee boards!

Concrete Knee Boards or Concrete Sliders

Concrete knee boards or what others may also call, concrete sliders, are a type of equipment used by concrete professionals during the finishing process of a concrete slab using a hand trowel or magnesium float before the slab hardens. Using a pair of knee boards allows you to reach distant areas on the concrete slab; especially the hard to reach center of the slab. The knee boards themselves also maintain the flat and smooth surface on your concrete while you’re on it.

Men Using Knee Boards To Finish Concrete

Slide Through Using Concrete Knee Boards

One magical aspect about the concrete knee boards is that they will let you slide through the concrete without sinking. But, you have to wait with the right timing when the concrete isn’t as wet before you could put this equipment to use. You don’t want to get on too early as that could create undesirable problems such as craters when you slide through on your wet concrete slab. You also don’t want to get on too late either after it is too hard and can’t be worked on. You’ll know if you’ve gone out too early if you’re sinking more than a quarter an inch in the concrete.

While you’re on it, it’s best to remember that the whole concrete slab won’t be boardable at the exact same time. You need to be cautious on the areas that are currently drying out as to not cause any problems to your work.

Benefits of Concrete Knee Boards

There are a number of reasons why concrete knee boards are being used in almost every large concrete project. Here are the benefits you can get from using concrete knee boards:

  • Starts the finishing process early.
  • Reach distant areas of the concrete slab that can’t be reached from the edge.
  • Use to crawl out and hand trowel while at the same time, maintaining the flat and smooth condition of the concrete slab.

Professional Concrete Finish

It takes some time and experience to fully get used to the concrete knee boards for your concrete projects. Without proper knowledge on how to use it, you may negatively affect your concrete work. To achieve the best result and to avoid any hassle, contact your trusted local concrete contractor!

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