Concrete floors are easy to forget when working on a concrete project. Sometimes, people tend to disregard what beauty concrete floors can offer when applied with concrete stamps. There’s a way to improve the beauty of your own concrete floor that’s cost-efficient. Opt-in to using concrete slate stamps to apply your desired texture!

Concrete stamps are an easy way to put nice-looking texture on your concrete floor when you’re working on it. Adding to that, it’s also low-cost as you don’t have to spend a fortune for the necessary materials to give your concrete floor a brick, coble stone, or other patterns that you’d like.

Seamless Slate Stamp

Depicted on the name, the Seamless Slate Stamp or Seamless Slate Concrete Stamp makes your concrete floor feel soft and look like it’s just one stone. There are two things you can benefit from applying seamless patterns. First, they’re easy to use compared to other concrete stamps. Second, they’re cost-effective when you just want to add some design and beauty to your concrete floor.

Seamed Slate Stamp

Much like the seamless one, a Seamed Slate Stamp or Seamed Slate Concrete Stamp offers a smooth-looking concrete floor. This one just adds seams to your concrete, hence, the name. If you’re looking to stamp your concrete with one in Nampa, Idaho, Classic Ready-Mix offers an Ashler Slate Pattern with that.

Paver Style Slate Stamp

If you want to achieve a pavement-looking concrete floor, then be sure to use a Paver Style Slate Stamp. Classic Ready-Mix’s Paver Style Slate Concrete Stamp produces results that look best to any of your outdoor concrete floor.

Brick Stamp

For those who want a simple, yet classic look to their concrete floor, the Brick Stamp is the perfect candidate you would want to choose. Going classic is never a bad idea and can still greatly improve your property’s value.

Running Brick Stamp

With a fancier outcome, the Running Brick Stamp is just another option that you can choose to stamp your concrete floor. What makes it different from the Brick Stamp is that it follows a variety of brick sizes unlike the former which boasts a uniform size for every brick.

Coble Stone Pattern Slate Stamp

Last but not the least, when you want your concrete floor to give off a natural, traditional look, you should opt to use a Coble Stone Pattern Slate Stamp. This concrete stamp will significantly add charm to whatever concrete floor you’re working on. This pattern is quite unique in its own way.

Professional Concrete Stamping

May it be for a patio, walkway, or pool deck, a stamped concrete finish can make your property stand out. It all depends on what pattern you like and which one would suit best to your property. Choose wisely or consult a landscaping expert to guide you for the best results!

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