Concrete work is the building block for the development and growth of our society. And when there’s a concrete project, hand tools will never be out of sight. Let’s explore some of those tools that deem useful not just for concrete laborers, but also for the DIY weekend warriors!

1. Horsehair Broom. The hand tool used for applying texture to the concrete right at the very end, after you’re done trowelling. This gives the concrete a slip-resistant texture to prevent unwanted accidents and slip-ups. It is good to note that a “broom finish” is required for any exterior concrete work not limited to sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.

2. Bull Float. After the screeding process, using a bull float can help smoothen out and compact the concrete. This hand tool is good to use for concrete work with large space.

3. Fresno. Right after using the bull float, let the concrete slab rest up until it’s already settled. Try to examine the concrete if it’s firm enough. If you feel the concrete has settled, use this hand tool to help seal and smoothen more the concrete slab. The fresno is considered a finish trowel along with the concrete burner trowel and rounded finish trowel.

4. Joiner. Concrete is known to expand or contract due to the temperature change of the environment. By using this hand tool, you will be able to control the locations of cracking that will occur on your concrete leaving you a longer-lasting one. 

5. Rounded Mag. Functions much like the bull float, this hand tool distributes and flattens out the concrete slab. Particularly on tight spaces which the bull float cannot reach.

6. Square Mag. This hand tool works the same as the rounded mag. The only difference is the shape so you have to choose which one would accommodate best to what you’re working on.

Concrete Burner Trowel for Rent and Rounded Finish Trowel Rental in Nampa, Idaho

Burner and Rounded Finish Trowel

7. Burner. Although it’s an alternative to the fresno, hand trowels such as this tool and the rounded finish trowel, produces better wear resistance and density to the concrete as you would be able to apply more pressure to densify it.

8. Rounded Finish Trowel. Applies the same sealing and smoothening power of the fresno and burner to the concrete. What makes it different from the two is that the rounded edge is flexible depending on the type of project that you have.

9. Edger. Any concrete slab is prone to chipping and spalling damage. Just before you remove the forms of the slab, use this hand tool to help your concrete resist those issues.

10. Special Edger. This hand tool works just like the edger. However, it is best used for curbs, patios, driveways, etc. to produce that cleaner look and more appeal to your project.

These hand tools are a lifesaver to our hardworking laborers and DIY weekend warriors! Not only do these tools save time, but it also drastically cuts the amount of effort that you have to put into your concrete work.

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