The success of a concrete work, especially big projects, heavily relies on quick and efficient work execution. The stinger vibrator or just stinger, is one of the many tools you need to know how to use. This guide aims to teach you what a concrete vibrating machine or a stinger vibrator is and why you should use it to avoid major structural issues.

Problem with Poor Vibration

Pouring concrete is a pretty straightforward task. A lot of times, especially on big, commercial projects, air can get trapped which can result in air voids, honeycombing, or also called rock pockets due to poor vibration practices. When the concrete dries out, the pockets of air become empty spaces which can cause major structural issues in your concrete.

One common issue is that the concrete and reinforcement bars or rebars will not bond with one another resulting in a significant decrease in its durability and integrity. Things will become more evident once you take off the formwork. If such an issue is present, you will need to deal with it by repairing and doing more work than what’s intended. A stinger vibrator helps fill in those gaps in the form with the paste of the wet concrete.

Stinger Vibrator to Vibrate Wet Concrete

What is a Stinger Vibrator?

A stinger is a concrete vibrating machine used to vibrate concrete mixture. Ranging in size, the vibrator head penetrates the wet concrete, vibrating the surrounding area and releases trapped air bubbles, mitigating the presence of air voids. The stinger vibrator is extremely helpful in strengthening the integrity of the structure once the concrete dries out.

Stinger Vibrations

While the concrete mixture is being poured, start vibrating the concrete in the form. Let the vibrator head use its weight to penetrate the wet concrete by itself and slowly withdraw it. The vibrations vibrate the concrete, causing the air bubbles to come out. The rocks or aggregate will then move in filling up the air voids. At the same time, the cement will settle at the concrete’s surface. Giving you a nice, smooth surface with no honeycombing. It is not always required to be used, but for most commercial buildings, it is a must.

Using a Stinger Vibrator to Vibrate Concrete

Concrete Vibrating Machine and Equipment Rental

Now, it’s necessary to follow and to exercise proper construction practices. This is only one of the many things a construction worker must know before pouring concrete. A concrete vibrating machine will save you a lot of headaches from air voids or rock pockets. Vibrate the wet concrete as it should and check if there’s any signs of honeycombing. When things don’t seem to go as planned, you may have to fix it and try to be more careful next time.

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